Friday, November 4, 2011

Kampung Kids - Fish Farm in Singapore

Kid's Kampong

Ok, well actually it's called Kid's Kampong but hey.. some of us can't get it right. 

My 3yo asked to see fishes today, so I thought since the crocodile farm visit was quicker than expected, we may be able to squeeze some time to swing by the fish farm. We decided to go to Kid's Kampong this time round as I saw from the website that they have other animals as well and the fish pool is quite shallow thus safer for my children. 
One of the two pools

The bigger main pool

When we are there, we were told that admission is $1 per person and that entitles us to 1 small packet of fish feed each. hmm.. 
Longkang Fishing Area

Next, I enquired regarding their longkang fishing and was told that it's $14 per hour per child. My goodness, two kids will be $28 and it's only longkang fishes. My kids just love to play around with the net in the water and try to catch the fishes, we are not there to bring the fishes home. 

We settled for the entrance fee only as Mainland Tropical Fish Farm is just 5 mins drive away and longkang fishing there is only $4 per half hour per child. 

In comparison, I liked Mainland Tropical Fish Farm better as there are more fish ponds, fishes are bigger and more colorful and the fish feed are also bigger. 

Kid's Kampong has birds, rabbits, turtle, ducks and chickens in addition to fishes, while Mainland Tropical Fish Farm has turtle, colorful ducks and a variety of fowls.

Kid's Kampong also does not have proper path, so the place can be quite muddy when it rained. Mainland Tropical Fish Farm has proper cement pavements. 

We stayed at Kids Kampong for maybe 15 mins. My kids were bored as there are only two fish pools and headed to Mainland Tropical Fish Farm for longkang fishing. There, my 3yo begged to feed the bigger fishes and went from pool to pool. We also had fun watching the seller catch the fishes as there was a customer choosing a few fishes for their home aquarium (I assume). As we were going back , a group of teenage boys came by and bought fish feed for arapaima (I didn't notice them before) Goodness were they huge and it was surely interesting seeing such enormous fish feeding and splashing while grabbing its feed. The fish is so big that my 18mo thought it was a crocodile.   

Read more on Mainland Tropical Fish Farm here.

Map of Kid's Kampong:

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