Saturday, November 5, 2011

Turkish Restaurants Brisbane : Mado Cafe

Mado Turkish Restaurant

Outdoor Dining Area

Mado Turkish Restaurant is situated near Southbank Parklands and is open everyday from 11.00am till late. I like the fact that the restaurant is just in front of a large field and playground so that my kids can run around while we take turns eating in peace. 

We came there at 11.30am and ordered hummus, bread, lamb chops, kofta and butter prawn. The serving are really huge and we had to pack the food. All the food was delicious except for the butter prawn that doesn't really suit to our tastebuds. But if someone was looking for something mild, I think he or she might find it quite nice.

Lamb Chops
Definitely highly recommended, salad was crispy and  fresh and the yoghurt just nice. The sauce goes quite well with the lamb chops.


This was actually a kid's meal can you believe it? The chilli sauce is more for the fries but I don't think you need it as the fries is already very delicious with some spice / herb sprinkled on it. I ate the kofta with the lamb chops sauce instead.

Buttered Prawn

The prawn is cooked in a buttery sauce with mushrooms and capsicum and the set comes with bread, rice and salad. The buttered prawn is a bit mild in my opinion and goes with the bread not the rice.

After eating, take a leisurely stroll at Southbank Parklands or cross the Goodwill Bridge and head to Queenslands Maritime Museum and other places of interest in Brisbane City.

More information on the restaurant can be found on their official website here.

Map of the restaurant: 


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