Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bedok Food Centre: My Fave Place for Nasi Rawan and Nasi Lemak

For as long as I can remember, breakfast treat will be a packet of Nasi Rawan from Bedok South Road Market Blk 18. The Nasi Rawan there and Nasi Jengganan were my favorite. dad will buy it pretty early in the morning as he comes back from his night shift or early marketing with mom on a Saturday morning.

After marriage and with two small kids.. early rising is not really our forte, hence a farewell to Bedok South's Nasi Rawan and Nasi Jengganan as it's always finished by 11.00 am. Recently, we stumbled upon a shop at Bedok Food Centre that sells Nasi Rawan and Nasi Lemak (even during lunch time) that serves as a good substitute for Bedok South's Nasi Rawan and Changi Village's Nasi Lemak :) Needless to say, we are now a regular there. 

My Yummylicious Nasi Rawan

The rawan gravy is of just right texture and consistency, not very thin as some places or too overpowering. Sambal sotong is also ok but I still prefer my Aunty's sambal sotong more. What we like about the stall is that they serve the food hot and even re-fry the chicken wings before serving it to you. Not very healthy maybe but still finger licking :p Their sambal kupang (Mussels in chilli gravy) is not recommended though. 

Stall no 9 Satay Solo - My Fave stall

The stall's Nasi Lemak is also very nice, and nicer than the stall next to them too. Servings for both Nasi Rawan and Nasi Lemak is big in my opinion, but if you still have some space for dessert afterwards, there's a stall selling fried bananas and fried jackfruit just two stalls down. Also recommended :) 

Map of Bedok Food Centre: 

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