Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheap Mirrors and Curtains in Malaysia

Curtains and curtains accessories shop in Nilai 3

It's official! We are shifting to  a new place soon :) This time around we are taking a semi-furnished apartment so that we can decorate our house to our own liking without having to accept the furniture provided by our landlord. 

my living room curtains

The apartment's living and dining area is kind of small though, so we thought of putting up a large wall mirror at the dining area to open up the small space. We scouted around at a decorative mirror shop at Viva Furniture Mall but there wasn't a wall mirror big enough that we liked. A few furniture shops at LDP Furniture Mall carry a wall mirror and cabinet set that is beautiful but cost at least RM1200, just buying the large wall mirror will cost us about RM800. Next, we tried a mirror and art frame shop next to Restoran Puteri at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 12 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, the man quoted us RM800++ for a mirror approximately 6 feet by 3 feet, same price with or without frame. They can also custom make your rmirror but custom made mirror will cost more. 

We thought of asking the other art frame shops like Jansen art Gallery at No 6 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1 and also another art frame shop a few stores down but didn't think that they carry wall mirrors of our required size or can custom make our mirrors. So, we put the mirror search on hold for a moment. (We bought it at last at Nilai 3 - read the end of the article)

Next on the list is curtains, the new apartment have a lot of ceiling to floor windows and for decorative and privacy sake, we are on the hunt for beautiful curtains that are also cheap and won't take too long to be delivered to us.

First stop, Jundeco the Korean curtain shop at Ikano Power Centre, we didn't specifically searched for them, we were just around the area. The salesgirl though seems like zero knowledge in helping customers  deciding on the design and curtain fabrics, all she said is if you are interested, then put in your deposit and the boss will come down to your place for measurement and she will bring along the fabrics sample and curtains design for you to choose. Well, no 1, I have already measured my windows, no 2 if have put in the deposit and then I am not satisfied with the price, design or fabric, will I get my deposit back? No 3, it will take about 2 weeks for the curtains to be ready as the fabric and sewing is sourced from Korea. Well, with all these things considered, we scratched Jundeco off the list.

Next stop: GI Deco & Design at 38 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, TTDI. I am really impressed by the salesgirl that attended to me, Esther. I was a bit unsure of what I wanted and of curtain designs available, so she showed me some samples for me to get an idea. She also explained to me the various designs of curtains available to enhance a room. Based on the color scheme that we were considering, she took out samples and samples of fabric for us, the fabrics were really gorgeous, but after a quick calculation, at about RM3000+ for just the master bedroom, I guess it's way out of our budget, we still have to have curtains for the living room and guest rooms.

I figured most curtain and curtains accessories shops in malls in Malaysia would cost about the same like GI Deco, so we didn't check the lines of shops at Viva Furniture Mall instead we headed out to Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre to test our luck for curtain and the large wall mirror.

A shop at Nilai 3

After going through 3 or 4 shops at Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre, we decided on Nafisa Classic at lot 231 & 232 Jalan Nilai 3/8, the curtains fabric choices are quite wide and the boss there gave us quite a good price. The sewing is free for a normal french pleat curtain and normally will be ready in 1 hour. In our case, since we custom made curtains for the whole house, the boss asked to give him 3 hours. It was nearing evening and I don't really want the seamstress to rush with our curtains, so I asked the boss if he can deliver it to us instead in 3 days time and surprisingly he said ok! yeah! phew.. manage to avoid going down to Nilai 3 again just to collect the curtains.

On our way back, while searching for a place to eat, we saw a row of shops under a tent selling wall mirror of various sizes and decided to try our luck (we went to one shop earlier and saw a large mirror going at RM200 but no delivery - it wouldn't fit in our Proton Gen 2). After haggling and choosing and inspecting the mirrors (you got to inspect them really well, since most of them have some scratches or some part of the wooden frame is chipped) we managed to get a 6 feet by 3.5 feet mirror with a dark wooden frame at RM280 with delivery to KL! Yeay! What a difference from RM800 at TTDI to RM280 at Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre, yup definitely worth the drive up.

Customers waiting for their burgers at Nilai 3
While you are there, food there is not really fantastic, but the burger stall next to 7-11 is pretty decent, the food stall opposite it don't really sell anything but nasi goreng and similar dishes, my nasi goreng was a tad too hot for my kid to eat. The Mango Ice blended also tasted too sweet and artificial.
My Mango Ice Blended at Nilai 3

My Fried Rice - Super Spicy

Ah, but Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre is the place to go for cheap furnitures, cheap curtains and cheap wedding souvenirs. Map of Nilai Wholesale Center is here.

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