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Little India Singapore

Frontage of Mustafa Center

Little India is one of the places to visit when in Singapore either for the shopping, marketing or dining experience. It's preferable to explore the area on foot from Little India MRT Station to Farrer Park MRT Station. You can get almost anything here, Indian sweets, sarees, punjabis, Bollywood CD's and DVD's, all kinds of vegetables and fruits that you might have never encountered. 

All the apparel pictures above are of the stalls at Tekka Center

One of my favorite place in Little India is the Tekka Centre at Buffalo Street. It is a wet market, a hawker center and a retail fashion stalls all rolled in one. The second floor is where the fashion stalls are.. you will be accosted by Indian fashion of all colors and design imaginable. Prices are also very friendly on the wallet. 

The Hawker Center at Tekka Center

My deceptively simple Bryani

The Chappati (Should have ordered from Jamal instead)

The local teh tarik, sweetness was ok but the tea is slightly weak in my opinion

The first floor is where the wet market and hawker center is. Among the notable hawker stalls are Allauddin Bryani Stall that is famous for it's (you guessed it) Bryani. Lines can snake during lunch time so best to avoid peak period. I tried it's Chappati set for a change today, hmm.. the chappati from the stall next to it "Jamal" seems more appetizing though.

Of course the whole stretch of Little India is filled with Indian Restaurants popping up like wild mushrooms. So, you might want to try one of those instead.Sadly, my experience with these restaurants are only limited to Komala Villas (totally hooked on their Batthuras) but friends recommend Ananda Bhavan and Muthu's Curry. Tosai, chappati, almond milk and lassi are a must to try in Little India though I don't dare to say which restaurant serves the best. 

Mustafa Center (main picture above) is also a must place to swing by, if not to just see the enormous variety of goods that they sell. I dare say that if you are looking for something and you don't know where to find it, you will surely find it in Mustafa! It's open 24 hours and is still busy even in the wee hours. 

Little India is a very busy place on Saturday night, throngs and throngs of human traffic fill its alleys and it's almost impossible to get a parking space then. If you treasure your personal space and dislike strangers bumping into you, do avoid Saturday night.  

DIY Mehndi



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