Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crocodile Farm Singapore Review

Singapore Crocodile Farm

My 18mo son's favorite reptile is the crocodile, he thinks all rivers and waterways have crocodiles and will go "crocodile.. where are you?.." So, today, we decided to check out Singapore Crocodile Farm @ Upper Serangoon Road. Yup, you read that correctly Upper Serangoon Road. I was curious how can there be such a farm in a residential area.. well.. apparently it's because the farm is just an added service, the main reason it's there is because the owners sell crocodile meat and items made from crocodile.

The place isn't really much, it seems old and exhibit area is small and not aesthetic. I think all in all there's less than 10 exhibit area but boy were the crocodiles big and in plain view. We were quite excited at first until the lady warned us not to lean in too far in as the crocodiles can leap 6 feet high. Ermm... what's that? yeah easily forgettable when you are so used to seeing them sleeping and not moving in zoos.

I saw a few crocodiles moved here and one actually stared at me.. (hmm.. maybe it's just my feeling but I don't think so..) that one was huge and I only realized that it was looking at me when after a while it got bored and closed its eyes.

We were as close to the crocodiles as we have ever been, it makes you wonder whether it is actually safe and legal?

Full round of the area takes less than 10 mins though my kids refused to go back cos they like looking at the crocodiles.

Was it worth it? well, it's free admission, so, if you are around the area and has nothing better to do then yes it's worth a visit. But, if you are not in the area or you have no penchant for crocodile leather, then you are not missing anything.

Singapore Crocodile Farm is open daily 9.00 am - 6.00pm except on public holidays.

Map of the farm:

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