Friday, November 11, 2011

Brisbane Holidays : Queensland Maritime Museum

Hubby and my pirate son in front of Queensland Maritime Museum
If you are on a holiday in Brisbane, a trip to Southbank Parklands is a must and if you are already there and wondering what else can you do around that area, why not try visiting Queensland Maritime Museum if you or your kids are interested in ships. 

Outdoor Gallery Of Queensland Maritime Museum

My two sons admiring the big anchor at the entrance

My second son always have a penchant for steering wheels!

On our trip to Brisbane City last October, we actually intended to visit Queensland Museum only to realize that Queensland Museum is closed till Jan 2012. So, we decided to detour to Queensland Maritime Museum instead as my elder son really love ships. Its quite a small museum, but the displays are really beautiful in my opinion even though I am not really an avid fan of ships / boats etc etc. It amazes me how man can build such beautiful and magnificent wooden ships with just a few tools. I would have really loved to read all the information provided but my two sons were just running around and I had to run after them to make sure they don't wreck havoc.

Queensland Maritime Museum exhibit

Queensland Maritime Museum ship models
Queensland Maritime Museum - a replica of a  cabin on a ship

Queensland Maritime Museum has an indoor gallery and an outdoor gallery and my kids just love the outdoor gallery; exploring the navy ship Diamantina. I took the opportunity to climb up and down the three levels of the ship. Wow, I can't imagine how cramped it was when the Navy was on board coupled with terrible sea weather. It was an eye opener though, seeing their sleeping area, eating area, kitchen etc etc.. I don't think I can survive living there for even a day. 

The Diamantina - A Former Warship

My two sons on the deck of Diamantina

I read on tripadvisor review that there's a submarine that can be explored, but I didn't see any, anyways hubby was getting tired from chasing after the boys and wanted out (never was a big museum fan). If you are  the sort who love museums (like me -sort of-) I think it's worth visiting, maybe for an hour and a half.  

Admission price is around AUD 7.00 for adults and AUD3.50 for kids aged 5 and above.

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