Thursday, November 17, 2011

Indian Food Delivery Singapore Review: Brinda's

Hmm.. back in Singapore for two nights for an urgent task and also to surprise datuk and neneks at the airport. It's been a long day and we are too tired to even go out for dinner. I never was a fan of instant noodles, so I guess food delivery is the answer.  What are our options? We are definitely not in the mood for Mc Donald's, KFC, Pizza Hut or Domino's. What we need is real food, maybe Thai or Western or Indian food delivery.

As per normal, a quick google search turns up Thai To Go, Brinda's and Mad Jack Delivery. Hmmm... Mad Jack.. not in the mood for steak tonight, maybe next time. So, it's between Thai To Go or Brinda's, in the end, we picked.. you guessed it Indian.. I mean who can resist naans and pulao rice delivered to your doorstep? (yes, we may not be Indian in blood, but Indian food is among our staple) 

Brinda's Indian Food Delivery is  24 hours and deliverytime is about 1 hour - 1.5 hour depending on weather and traffic conditions. Their number is pretty easy to remember 1800 BRINDAS (1800 2746327)

We ordered kashmiri pulao (my fave) butter chicken (hubby's fave) butter naan, garlic naan, chilli prawn (cos we don't like curry prawn) and dal makhani. Sorry, pictures taken using iphone as cameras are left behind in KL for this super short trip.

butter chicken (right) chilli prawns (left)

Kashmiri Pulao
Butter Naan
Garlic Naan

Kashmiri Pulao tasted nice but didn't really go with butter chicken, chilli prawn nor dal makhani, I should have ordered tandoori chicken to go with the pulao instead.

Butter Chicken and chilli prawn are average, but dal makhani was nice (sorry forgot to take the pic).

Butter naan is ok, garlic naan though doesn't really taste nice as the garlic is inside the naan and not sprinkled on top of the naan as what I am used to. It made the garlic tasted a bit raw to me. 

Meal was satisfying enough to me, considering the fact that you will probably incur the same cost ordering from pizza hut without the same hunger satisfying feeling. Will I order again from them in future? Perhaps, if I am desperate and lazy, if not I would rather go to the Indian shop near my house if I can coax my husband to drive me there.