Monday, November 21, 2011

Condominiums Near Lrt in KL

We've been house hunting for a while now since hubby will start working in the city soon. It's quite difficult to find information on condominiums near lrt stations via online maps as is not very updated whereas interface is not as userfriendly as

After scouting the area around Wangsa Maju, Sri Rampai and Setiawangsa Lrt.

Condominium near Wangsa Maju Lrt : Wangsa Metroview (still quite a walking distance)

Condominiums near Sri Rampai Lrt are :
1) Desa Putra Condominium (walking distance and with covered walkway)
2) Riana Green East (quite a distance to walk and no covered walkway)
3) Villa Wangsamas

Condominiums near Setiawangsa Lrt are:
1) Seri Maya Apartment
2) Kampung Warisan Apartment
3) One Jelatek

We viewed quite a few units that were for rent at Desa Putra Condominium and Seri Maya Apartment. Desa Putra Condominium have smaller facilities, only one big pool for adults and one very small wading pool for kids, the playground was teeming with kids accompanied by their maids. For a stay at home mom who is used to sharing a playground with 3-4 other kids maximum during the day time, it's going to be quite a challenge if we were to choose a unit here. There are also two girls just hanging out doing nothing at the bench  (quite unhealthy in my opinion) but I do like the fact that there is a prayer room faciltity and a very small fish pond (though the latter is not maintained very well). In terms of unit layout, the rooms are small in size but still ok, some units have a utility room overlooking the laundry area which is lacking in ventilation except if you open up the window overlooking the laundry area, if your unit is not renovated from the original design, the toilet design is quite like a public park toilet cubicle in my opinion. We scratched that unit off immediately. The convenient location is definitely the major selling point of Desa Putra condominium, as it is really a very short walking distance away from Wangsa Walk and the LRT. I also like the facade with the greenery around the area, very nice to jog around in the evening I would say, but bring your insect repellent.

Riana Green East looks nice from afar, but when you drive up to the condo, you will realize that the location is quite far in from the amenities that surrounds it. Rental price is quite steep too but unit layout is much better than Desa Putra, if you have the budget then the 1900++ sg feet unit is really spacious. The downside of Riana Green East is the facilities, I would say, the gym is very small, the kids wading pool  (very very shallow) and jacuzzi is not fit for public use, the size (in my opinion) is fitting if it is for private use only. The kids' playground is also quite small though is presented in a nice pirate ship design. The upside of it is the spacious area dedicated for kids running around or roller blading. Greenery is also nice and they have a tennis court and a squash court, though I didn't venture to see them.  

Seri Maya Apartment looks promising enough, the facilities are also good. They have a number of swimming pools, a small jacuzzi, a clean toilet near the pools and a playground on the 21st floor. Playground is very basic but at least I don't have to shove elbows here. The 21st floor playground and sky garden idea is good but is not properly executed. The garden is very bare. Tenant wise, you will see a mix of nationals here from chinese, japanese, middle eastern etc etc. Rental price is comparable to Desa Putra, with better unit layout and facilities. My only gripe? The super small aircons in the rooms that are supplied by the developer, I can hardly feel the cool air. Some units' rooms are also quite small. The upside?  Just beside Seri Maya's entrance is Dataran Jelatek, which houses a minimart, a few restaurants and cafes and a dance studio among others. Hmm.. among the three condominiums that we've seen, I would say that Seri Maya would be my top choice around this area.

So, did we settle down in a unit around this area? In the end.. no! haha we ventured out to Sentul East and fell in love with a condominium there instead.. though now we hear horror stories of Sentul..we are adopting a look and see attitude first before deciding whether to move again or not

Happy house hunting!