Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halal Kebab in Brisbane: Turqouise

24 hours kebab and take away in Brisbane

We wanted to check out a Malaysian restaurant at Charlotte Street in Brisbane but didn't think it was halal when we arrived at the store front, so we walked around to find other places to eat in. 

There's Nando's at 6/108 Albert Street, Brisbane which sources their chicken from halal sources and looked really appetizing but we gave it a miss cos my MIL is not really a chicken person. 

A few stores down at corner of Albert Street and Mary Street there's Turqouise Kebab. We decided to give that a try. But there's limited seats available so we ordered to take away. 

Turqouise Kebab Store Front

Turqouise Kebabs sells five kinds of kebab: chicken, combination of chicken & lamb, beef, falafel and salad. Sauces available are BBQ, Tomato, Chilli, Sweet Chilli, Mayonnaise, Tahini, Homous, Sour Cream and Garlic Cream. Servings are huge and prices are quite reasonable. 

Enjoying our kebab at Mt Cootha

Hubby ordered chicken kebab while MIL and I ordered beef and falafel. We (Hubby and I) prefer the chicken (the nicest kebab among those that we tried on our Brisbane/Gold Coast trip), the beef doesn't really go with the sauce (well, maybe hubby ordered the wrong sauce for me) I find the falafel a bit dry too.

It was really good that we took away our orders too, goodness me, we parked at a building in front of the police station at Charlotte Street for about half an hour and was charged AUD28.00! What a shock!