Friday, November 18, 2011

Halal Food Delivery : Mad Jack's Review

I was at my mom's yesterday with the kids since they missed their grandmother so much. But nenek was still suffering from jet lag, so after playing with the kids for a while, nenek decided not to cook dinner and order instead.. haha like mother like daughter I would say. 

What are the options for halal food delivery in Singapore? Not much I would say but still quite at least there are a variety of cuisines to try out. Since we had tried Indian food delivery the previous night, I secretly prayed inside that my mom would try Western food this time. Incredibly, that was exactly what she did! So, yesterday, we got to try out Mad Jack, hmm what shall we order for nenek, aunty nani, uncle zali, rayyan and mikail? We decide to try a variety, rice for nenek, fish for the pregnant aunty, chicken for the uncle and hot dogs for the kids. 

Mad Jack's Delivery is from 11.30 am - 9.00pm and there is a delivery charge of $4 for every order though there is no minimum order. They don't deliver island wide for same day delivery though, you have to check out their website for the areas that they cover. 

Food came promptly in 1 hour 15 mins and was still hot. But the accompanying salad seems much less than when you dine in. Fries also hardens when you eat it when it's already cold. 

Halal Stir Fry Tomato Rib Eye Beef on Rice

Loved this dish, but I think it's a tad too meaty for me.

Halal Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce comes with fries

Yummy.. chicken is tender and black pepper sauce is not very spicy

Halal Grilled Barramundi with Cajun Seasoning in Cream Sauce

First time I tasted a Barramundi, surprisingly nice, goes well with the cajun seasoning, cream sauce is also nice, salad serving is very little though.

Sorry, no picture of the hot dogs, they are 9 inch hot dogs but you all know how hot dogs look like right? and they tasted soft and tasty not hard and stringy like some hot dogs. My no 2 loves it. 

Thank you nenek for the dinner. Erm.. mommy tasted a bit of each :p 

So, that's Western food delivery, next time maybe we can try Thai food delivery or even Japanese? Sadly, I don't think the last option is exactly an option for us since Ramen Ten does not deliver to Tampines. 

p/s: I am still looking out for third party delivery that can deliver a $2.50 nasi lemak to my door step. Any contacs anyone?