Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sultans Middle Eastern Restaurant at Sandgate

Sultans at Sandgate
On our way back from Australia Zoo, we were ravenous but couldn't find an indian restaurant that we were looking for on Deception Bay, called up the number but was infromed that it was a wrong number and the nearest halal food from Beerwah would be at Strathpine. Since we haven't performed our Asar, we decided to go to Bald Hills Mosque for prayers and hoped that we will meet some other Muslims who lived there that are able to inform us of the nearest halal restaurant. 

Masjid Taqwa; Bald Hills

Taqwa Mosque at Bald Hills is really quiet and not many people were there during Asar, but we did manage to get a recommendation to go to Sultans at Sandgate, Boondall. 

By this day, we have had enough of Turkish food, but since I didn't jot down Sitar Express' Strathpine's address, Sultans it was then.

Sultans Interior 

The place is very big and we were the only customers there then. Food portions were huge, two persons can share one dish. Even the kids meal is like an adult's portion. We ordered a five dip appetizer which was quite disappointing, falafel which was nice and not oily, pide for the kids (cheese topping was nice but the meat topping is not) a kebab dish which tasted too meaty for me, and lamb chops which was yummylicious, though the mashed potatoes tasted of too much stock. The waiter forgot about my tea and I cancelled the order in the end.

Turkish Bread to go with the dips, very soft.

Dips - highly disappointing

Falafel - reminded me of Cairo

Lamb Chops - highly recommended



Will we come back for more should we be in the area again in future? Highly unlikely, except maybe for the falafel and lamb chops.

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