Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little India Singapore Part II

 Hmm.. had to go back Little India again today since mom wants to exchange the pants that she bought yesterday. Took the opportunity to take a few more photographs of the Tekka Centre / Tekka Market, though it's a bit more difficult today with my two boys tagging along.

Delicious looking grapes and pomelos

a typical fruit stall at Tekka Market

A fruits seller arranging her cut Jackfruit

Found some interesting vegetables and delicious looking fruits at the market section and tried a few different stalls at the hawker center today :)

Banana Trunks eaten as vegetable and cooked in curry by Indians

Jantung Pisang or Banana Flower eaten as vegetable by Malays and Indians

This time around, I decided to try the stalls at the center of the hawker center, beside the square clearing as I needed to buy prata for my son and there seemed to be people queuing at a prata shop there (typical Singapoeran mind, if there's a queue for it, t must be good :p ) The mee kuah (noodles in bright red gravy with some slices of meat, potatoes and egg) at the stall besides it looks appetising, so I ordered that for myself, all the while glancing at other people's plate of Indian Rojak (seems to be quite popular there) and Yakader Dum Bryani.. I decided to resist, after all, how much can my mum, my two sons and I finish? 

Ar-Rahman Royal Prata

The crispy prata
 Turns out the prata was not a bad choice, it was light and crispy and the accompanying dhal was nice too, a Japanese lady in front of me ordered Murtabak and her Muratabak looked light and fluffy, very enticing.

Jalan West Coast Stall, where I bought my Mee Kuah

Mee Kuah

My Mee Kuah's gravy tasted delicious, but I feel that the beef slices was too little, it also comes with potatoes, one egg and a few bits of peas.

YaKader Dum Bryani
Mmmm mmmm.. hubby's favorite, the queue was non-stop.

As usual, my teh tarik fix, though this time from another stall nearby, I like today's one better, the tea strength is just right, though I should have told them that I prefer my teh tarik less sweet.

All in all, it was a nice day spent with my mom and my boys.

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