Saturday, September 24, 2011

Butik Jari Jemari Ku at TTDI

Dear Readers, please note that this boutique no longer operates at the below mentioned premise. 

Store front is not very prominent and can easily be missed 

Today, I got to check out this hijab boutique that I have been dying to, finally had an excuse since most of my hijabs are stranded in Singapore; honestly it's tiring keeping track of which wardrobe is where and even more tiring lugging them around. 

I had originally wanted to order some shawls online but due to some bad experience buying abayas online, decided against it. 

This store has a variety of hijabs (the standard instant hijabs and also some shawls) and inners, plain or with designs or embellishments. They quality is really good. They also carry a limited number of long dresses (I don't really like it, but it's nice enough) and the standard inner shirts that you pair with  sleeveless dresses or see through ones. 

Tudung CT on left and satin shawls on right

What I zoomed in immediately was the graduated colored 100% polyester shawls that they are selling for RM30 and the inner with awning (that means it comes with some sort of plastic inside that will keep the inner from falling flat on your face) RM18 for plain cotton ones (really soft) and RM25 for ones that is studded with Swarovski stones. Would love to buy the Tudung CT, if it had come in a simpler design, I think the stones are too overwhelming.

Would have taken more pictures (the girl was very helpful and obliging) but a man coming out from the back room was a bit peeved, so not wanting to say that I am a newbie blogger I just put the camera aside and pay for my goods :)

My Stash

I bought graduated black / grey, graduated pink / purple and a solid brown. I love the graduated colors of the shawls and its soft texture. Tried on the purple pink shawl today and got some stares from the ladies hmm.. dunno whether its because I look weird or too good :p chucked the inner cos I still don't feel comfy wearing inner.

Here is a picture of me wearing the graduated grey/black tudung without the inner (I will only write a post on how to wear the shawl as on the left side if there is any request; or if I have nothing better to do :p )

Butik Jari Jemari Ku is at :

No 46 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 KL

Contact: +6013-4158188 / +6013-4158818

As mentioned above, store front is not very prominent, if you passed Hurul Ain boutique then you have missed the shop. Shop is the same row as Hurul Ain and Restoran Bagindo and Devi's Corner.

Map of the shop :

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