Sunday, September 18, 2011

Halal Thai Food in KL : Heavenly Thai

Last week, we decided to go to Bangsar to see what it has to offer. We found ourselves exploring Bangsar Shopping Center for some halal food. After going round in circles and finally giving up, we decided to just ask the concierge as our stomach are already grumbling. 

Bangsar Shopping Center

Bangsar Shopping Center Map

We were informed that we have two options; a halal thai restaurant at level 1, F15 called Busaba or an Indonesian Restaurant called Dancing Fish at Level 3, T120-122. 

We went to Busaba first and asked whether they are halal certified, to which they replied that they are not as they sell liqour but their food suppliers are all halal certified and this statement (that they take their food supplies from halal certified suppliers) is imprinted on their menus too.

Then we tried checking out level 3 but the restaurant was closed (probably open at 6pm as we were there at around 4pm ++ ) 

Since the only other alternative is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves, but really who would want to eat at Coffee Bean for lunch and a very late lunch at that? We headed for Busaba.

Busaba entrance

Busaba Interior

Busaba Interior 

The interior of the restaurant is very cosy. They have different settings for each nook and two private rooms for a small private function. Floors are carpeted with lush carpet to the delight of my two sons who kept rolling on the floor. Thankfully we were the only customer there at that time. 

The staff were very polite and helpful. They didn't mind the fact that my two kids were screaming in delight and playing with the wooden blinds near the ceiling to floor window facing the road and even let me use their sink when I wanted to go out to the toilet to rinse my kids' milk bottles. 

Price wise is pretty much standard. Drinks starts from RM8.00, a fish dish costs around RM70.00 and soup RM20. Dessert is around RM11.

Our lunch

My dessert
We tried deep fried grouper with thai mango and chilli sauce, red tom yam with prawns and kangkung belacan and a steamed tapioca dessert for me. Food was nice (above average definitely) but I think the fish was a tad too dry for us, we thought there would be some sort of sauce. The accompaniment was the mango salad which was also dry. The sweet tapioca serving was big enough for two and slightly different from the normal tapioca dessert I am used to. The tapioca in steamed and then coated in heavy syrup and topped with small amount of thick coconut milk. I still like my traditional steamed tapioca swimming in light coconut milk better.

It was a nice lunch but if you are require halal certification, maybe "Golden Triangle" at Mont Kiara will suit you better. Same price and food is of the same quality too.