Friday, September 23, 2011

Naab Restaurant @ Mont Kiara

My husband's friend took us to Naab Restaurant at Bukit Bintang in end 2009 and we are hooked ever since. Of course due to the horrendous KL traffic we wouldn't go near Bukit Bintang unless we absolutely really have to, so the Mont Kiara branch is where we usually head for. 

Always seem to order same old same old, since we prefer to stick to what we love. 

Our lamb kofta and lamb shank meal
It's either hummus or shaksuka for appetiser, then lamb kofta with rice for him and chicken with barberry rice or lamb shank (change the rice to the normal one) for me. We always ask for their chilli sauce for the kofta and the lamb shank will come with its soup in a separate bowl. I love the lamb shank, it;s tender and juicy and not heavy at all (I don't like Delifrance Bistro Lamb Shank; the taste is too heavy for me) we like to order the yoghurt (ask for just a small bowl if possible) as I really love eating the lamb / kofta with yoghurt and bread, delicious! Servings are pretty big here, even my man can't finish the rice, so most of the time he will opt for the rice while I politely request my rice to be changed to bread. If you have a big party, 3 people can share two dishes and still feel full. 

Finish the meal with a nice pot of hot tea and I will say that is a satisfying middle eastern meal enjoyed. On my last visit though, since the weather was a bit warm and my throat felt a bit sore, I opted for their cucumber + mint + apple cider drink which was refreshing and light. Oh, by the way, they will always serve a complimentary lime drink, albeit in a small glass when you come. So, you can just ask for plain water and just enjoy the lime drink :)
My cucumber + mint + apple cider drink

The restaurant is not crowded and the staff are courteous and they just opened a bistro beside the restaurant at Mont Kiara branch so that you can enjoy their sandwiches or burger should you just want a light meal. 

Private rooms are available at their Bukit Bintang branch. For further details please go to

(Note to reader: The Mont Kiara branch has since closed down)

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