Friday, September 23, 2011

Restaurant D'Cengkih at Taman Tun

D'Cengkih at TTDI

D'cengkih is one of our favorite place to go for breakfast for nasi lemak (lurve the ayam kampung goreng) mee soto and mee rebus though the serving for mee soto and mee rebus is a tad too small, I always have to top the breakfast with some kueh kueh to feel satisfied. Not that I am complaining though cos their kueh kueh array are quite a spread. 

My early breakfast in the form of soto.. I forgot to ask them to leave out the taugeh, but the taugeh was fresh and crispy so it was tolerable (I am not a taugeh lover), comes with 1 small bergedel (smaller than the standard bergedel they sell for nasi campur) and sambal chilli kicap. I love the gravy, very tasty and not too oily with a hint of spices. Comes garnished with chopped parsley and spring onion and crispy fried shallots.

I am usually a sweet tooth person, but decided to try their mini puff - minced meat and potatoes and ondeh-ondeh today, had to give their lopes and pengat pisang a miss! The mini puff is very average, the pastry is a bit dry and the filling is a bit bland. The ondeh-ondeh is presented in a cone shaped banana leaf and comes in perfect bite size, but the dough is not very "lemak" and even though the gula melaka inside the ondeh-ondeh is generous, it tasted somehow flat? and it failed to ooze deliciously in the mouth. Was a bit disappointed with the kueh that I chose.

We also like to go to this restaurant for a nasi campur brunch. Even as early as 11.30am the dishes are ready, I always like to go for their sotong masak hitam while hubby prefers the sotong kering masak sambal. Another favorite of mine is gulai ikan with pineapple, yummy!

My dish of lemak turi, sotong masak hitam, bergedel and sambal belacan, shouldn't have taken the lemon chicken cos it didn't go with the overall dish

What I really like about this place (aside from the kueh-kueh) is the sambal section, oh it's like sambal belacan heaven; there's the normal sambal belacan then there's sambal belacan with mango and green sambal and I think I saw sambal belacan with pineapple the other day. If you are not a sambal belacan lover then sambal kacang is also available.

Hubby chose sotong kering masak sambal, bergedel, sambal goreng paru and rendang daging which he said was delicious

This restaurant reminds me of Hajah Maimunah and Sabar Menanti in Singapore, and sadly this is the only restaurant in Taman Tun that serves nasi campur that is comparable to those two, even Restaurant Puteri (TTDI branch) ; owned by the famed Singaporean Rubiah Suparman falls behind this restaurant in my view. 

One setback here (and also everywhere else in KL) is the lack of parking space. (DBKL should employ more forward planning people in their city planning department) and the traffic police do their round quite often here which would result in a rather expensive meal if you get a summon, so what we normally do is to park at the back at Bangunan AHP at Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, opposite the KFC building. You have to walk a bit though but hey consider it an exercise for the calorie laden meal.

D'Cengkih is located at 6, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 KL.
Open from 7 am - 10 pm

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