Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Indoor Playground @ Mid Valley - MegaKidz

indoor playgrund midvalley mall

MegaKidz is an indoor playground at Mid Valley Megamall 3rd Floor, not to be confused with Kids E-World indoor playground at The Gardens. Megakidz started operations first and nothing much has changed. Annual fee is cheaper than kids e-world at RM600+ ( I could be wrong here) and there is also an arts centre and a music centre (both very small) besides the indoor playground near to the lift.

It's been a while since we last went to MegaKidz (after we signed up with kids e-world) but since kids e-world membership ended early this month (I'm updating this post so early this month means Jan 2014) we decided to bring the kids to mid valley instead.

We decided to eat at Food Junction first since the kids were cranky, ordered chicken rice and wantan noodles from Hong Kong Roast. The food didn't disappoint but the queue was quite long. It was also quite difficult to get a table, so you got to move in fast once you spot one. Food junction has been recently renovated about a year ago and its nice to see that they have beefed up on cleaners as well. There is also a surau inside Food Junction, talk about convenience. 

indoor play at mid valley
Kiddy ride to entertain the kids while daddy check out the anime shop

After that it's straight towards Megakidz Funland. We had armed ourselves with socks from home (why spend more money on plain socks?) and the kids were raring to go. Entrance fee for non-members are RM28 (2 years -16 years) and RM14 for under 2 years old. It's slightly cheaper during off peak period (translate weekdays). But fee is for unlimited playtime though, so we were looking forward to some rest time while the kids run about by themselves :) 

(Ok, turned out my kids were coming down with fever that day, so in the end we just headed back home, below is my post from the earlier visit and not Jan 2014 visit)

What we like about this place is it's amenities, apart from the obvious play area, there's also a small cafe, a prayer area, baby changing area, nursing area and the toilet is pretty clean too, chairs are lined up against the wall for parents to sit albeit being mini in size. 

indoor playground mid valley
Indoor Playground @ Mid Valley - Mega Kidz
playgrounds in kl
The super long slide! Weee!
big slides kl with kids
The curving slide! Wish I am still a kid :)

I really like the playground with climbing area and pop out play helicopter and rockets and tall slides but Mikail is a big boy with a small heart, and I guess he's still not ready for these just yet. He still prefer to stick to the under 3 year old area and even refuse to get on the bouncy castle when Umair (17 months) was happily bouncing about with the other kids. 

playground midvalley
under 3 years old play area @ Mid Valley Megamall
toddler indoor playground kl
The toddler play area @ MegaKidz Mid Valley

If your kids are 4 and above, they have a drop while you shop program at RM30 per hour (please double check that) they were a few kids there on that program while we were there, though they all seem to come to me to play with them. So, parents even if it'd a godsend for you.. your kids still have more fun when you are there playing with them. I was like a sub-parent for 1 indian girl (she was very sweet), 1 chinese boy (very active even with a running nose) and 2 malay boys (whom I have to speak Malay to - haha it was so funny having to tell them "Ini gelungsur.. awak naik sampai atas tu, pusing kiri.. lepas tu lungsur lah turun.." I can't believe i used the word "gelungsur!" )while my two boys happily ignored me!

bouncy castles kl
Bouncy Castle @ Megakidz Mid Valley

If your kids are like mine and don't really feel up to the big play area yet, then the Funland at Ikano Power Center might be more suitable and easier on the wallet at RM8 per hour and Umair entered free the last time :) plus you can hang about the Pet Safari besides it afterwards to show them the various exotic animals it offers. 

Umair seems to be having fun :)

play area for babies kl
Toddler play area @ MegaKidz Mid Valley

arcade mid valley
a mini arcade

MegaKidz indoor playground is at:

Lot T-012, Third Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall.

Opening Hours : 10.00 am - 9.30pm

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