Thursday, September 8, 2011

Singapore Indoor Playground - SingKids Playsystem

Managed to check out SingKids Playsystem at Changi Airport Terminal 3. My 3 yo wasn't very adventurous but my 17 mth old loved it. Especially the balloon enclosure where they put in lots of balloons in an enclosure with wind blowing around, it was fun pushing the balloon around though it was difficult for the kids to catch the floating balloons. 

I find that the place is a bit small though  @3100 square feet (Vivo City's outlet is slightly smaller at 2800 square feet), can't imagine how it would be during weekends and public holidays. 

My 3yo stuck with the slide and something like a mini pedal go-kart for kids, while my 17 mo explored the inflatables. They also have some mini rides and something like a carousel but instead of you sitting on a horse you balance on a ball at the end of a poll..hmm.. some of the rides I don't really understand how you play it.. but hey as long as my kids are having fun.. I am not complaining. 

Admission for non-members is $18 for 2 hours (my kids got bored after 45 mins) what I really like is its membership where it can be shared by many people! That means I can get 1 membership and use it for both of my kids at the same time or even with my nephew and nieces :) I think that is really great. 

So, next time you are at Changi Airport Terminal 3 and you have some time to spare, you might want to check out SingKids Playsystem for your kids.

SingKids T3 B2 mall #14, 15, 16 & 26
SingKids ViVo City #01-171 to 174

Admission taken from

Umair playing with the balls

In the balloon enclosure @ SingKids Playsystem

The only slide @ SingKids T3

Singkids (Vivo City) Photo Taken From 

Singkids (Vivo City) Photo taken from

 Singkids (Vivo City) photo taken from

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