Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Utama Petaling Jaya

One Utama is located at Bandar Utama City Centre; Petaling Jaya. It's a sprawling shopping mall with new wing and old wing housing big supermarkets like Cold Storage and Jusco, departmental store Parkson, numerous upscale and midscale boutiques and a variety of restaurants to entice your tastebuds. 

Among the restaurants at 1 Utama are Secret Recipe Restaurant, Fish and Co Restaurant, Seoul Garden Restaurant, New York New York Deli, Subway, Old Town White Coffee, BBQ Chicken Restaurant and a lot more. Suffice to say that food at 1 Utama is not a problem. 

Tarbush's Lamb Bryani - my all time favorite

Tarbush's Macaroni Beschamel - yummy

For more casual dining in Kuala Lumpur, you can try Teh Tarik or Food Republic. Food Republic (at Second Floor; S346-347) is among our favorite place for lunch or dinner compared to Teh Tarik as Food Republic is a non-smoking eating place. Our favorite stalls there are Tarbush, Hong Kong Roast and Pepper Lunch . The area is very big and my kids love looking out the ceiling to floor window and watch the cars lining on the highway, it's especially beautiful at night. 

Pepper Lunch - Teriyaki Chicken

Pepper Lunch - Beef Yakiniku or is it Sukiyaki?? Hmm.. still my hubby's favorite

Wantan Noodle - Delicious and perfect for my kids
Usually, after our sumptuous lunch, it's straight to the baby changing room at the same level (S329) near the Surau / Prayer area to change our no 2 and do our prayers before heading out to the Koi pool at lower ground area opposite Fish and Co (LG 350). My kids love seeing the fishes swimming around and listening to the water falling from the top of the "rainforest".

Chawan Mushi and Miso Soup - The best I've tasted at Shokuji

Salmon Bento at Shokuji, also recommended.

Other days, if we are around the Mc Donald's Fast Food Restaurant area at LG221, we will let the kids play with the water sprinklers at the open area in front of Mc Donald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

For the ravenous - vegetable set paired with grilled sting ray.

Grilled Stingray, tasted fresh and finger licking good!

Being a mom of two kids in KL, I sometimes have to scratch my head thinking of where to bring the kids out, 1 Utama is one place to go for your kids to have fun with zero dollar shelled out except for food and parking. I also like it as it is quite kids-friendly with lots of big spaces for the kids to run about, kiddy rides scattered around the mall and if the baby room at second floor is full, you can just head to Parkson's baby room which is also cozy. 

The Rainforest at 1 Utama

KL Kids  - Koi Pool at 1 Utama

Fish Feeding is also available

Baby room at 1 utama

Baby room with feeding area at 1 Utama

Sadly, the tv is not switched on anymore nowadays.

1 Utama is also next to One World Hotel, a beautiful hotel (my friend said) with 7 restaurants, wellness facilities such as spa and sauna, tennis court, baby-sitting facilities and shuttle services.