Saturday, September 17, 2011

Aquaria @ KLCC

Aquaria @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

As the kids have recovered fully, we decided to give them a treat by taking them to Aquaria KLCC.

Admission tickets are RM45 per adult and RM35 per child while kids under 3 enter free. The fee is RM10 less if you show your MyKad.

If you are driving, its closer to park at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre but parking space is limited and parking charges are expensive, we were charged RM10.50 for 3 hours. If you are combining your visit with shopping at  Suria KLCC, then just park your car at Suria KLCC as there are more parking space and you can still access Aquaria thru the underpass from the lower ground level of  Suria KLCC to get to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, from there just head out left to the car park and walk straight to Aquaria at the other end. 


This is the second time we went there. The first time we went it was quite crowded and the kids didn't really enjoy it because of the jostling. This time around it was relatively empty due to Hari Raya season I guess. We managed to see the exhibits better and without rushing. 

Aquaria KLCC - Piranhas; daily feeding at 4.00pm

Aquaria KLCC - Bamboo Shark

Aquaria KLCC - Caiman Crocodile

There are quite a few interesting exhibits such as the Piranha Tank, Giant Water Rat, Asian Otters, Reptiles and Amphibians, Tarantulas and Scorpions together with the expected exhibits of sea turtles, sharks, sting rays, octopus, sea horses and jelly fish. 

Aquaria KLCC - The Giant Water Rat

Aquaria KLCC - Coatimundi

Albino Frogs

Can you spot the white mouse together with the snake?

Aquaria KLCC - The fish feeding area

All in all it was quite enjoyable though the food court near the entry leave much to be desired. Best to eat at Suria KLCC itself. 

Aquaria KLCC - Seahorses

So, if you are in the area and have some time to spare for the kids, it's definitely worth visiting provided the crowd is not elbow to elbow.

Aquaria KLCC - Sharks


Aquaria KLCC - Viewing Area

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