Friday, September 23, 2011

Sri Munawwarah Design @ TTDI

Sri Munawwarah Design at TTDI

A few of my friends asked me about Sri Munawwarah Design, the name is quite popular as they sponsored the hijabs of some popular television icons in Malaysia.

I have been there maybe twice but never bought anything. I think the prices are a bit too high for the design that they offer. Their designs are mostly plain and they like to use Lycra material (which I think looks great on people who are super skinny or have perfect form; but then again who has except models?) For the price that they are selling, I would rather buy silk or chiffon with tailored designs, like nice collars and silhouette, but that's just me.

Same goes with the tudung, I guess I am never a big fan of the instant tudung especially with floral designs. I am more of the shawls and embroidery / lacy designs, Mortada scarves are more to my liking and ermm those from Macy's at Abbas Sa'ad stretch in Cairo.. sigh.. how I wish I can go there to stock up.. but those were the days..

For those who loves Sri Munawwarah and need information about their boutique, it's located at:

14 - 16 Persiaran Zaaba
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 KL

The shop closes early I think, maybe at 5.30pm, best to head there before then.

Here are some pictures from their blogger for you to have an idea of their muslimah wear, for more information you should visit their blogger at

I like the satin inner but would rather pair it with a shawl

lurve the flowy dress but not the Lycra material and the price, I can get one tailored at half the price at JB

Would consider wearing this if I am still working at a Mosque in Singapore

Map of their shop in case you want to pop by : 

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