Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kampung Baru - Makan-makan at KL

 Kampung Baru - The Old Against The New Bakcdrop

Yesterday night, we decided to have dinner with mom and dad at Kampung Baru. This is the second time I visited the place. The first time was in end 2009 to try the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa and since I was not impressed by the price and the food (it was served cold) and the cleanliness (I saw cockroaches), have not ventured there since. So, this time around, we tried seafood instead. 

We don't really know which stall is nice, so we tried Suraya Seafood based on the crowd and ambience. Turns out it didn't disappoint. Food was good and reasonably priced. It was really a satisfying meal. Definitely wouldn't mind going there again :) 

Enjoy the pics.

Kampung Baru - Suraya Seafood

Kampung Baru - Suraya Seafood Interior

Kampung Baru - Pulut Mangga

Kampung Baru - Kerang Bakar

Kampung Baru - Ikan Tiga Rasa

Kampung Baru - Udang Goreng Tepung

Kampung Baru - Ketam

Kampung Baru - Tom Yam

Kampung Baru - Kerang Bakar

Kampung Baru - Pulut Mangga

Hmm...whilst it's nice savoring the food, don't forget your prayers. Head to the nearby surau to perform your prayers.

Head to this block at the end of the road for the surau
The surau under the block

Then enjoy the view while walking back to the restaurant.

Kampung Baru - Corn Seller

Kampung Baru - Hawker