Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adam Hawa - Islamic Story for Kids

I am currently dabbling with app development and one of the ideas that Mr Husband came up with was an Islamic Storybook app for small kids so that we can read it together with our kids while introducing to them the existence of Allah, the concept of creation, Jannah, the importance of doing good deeds and so on and so forth. 

I was gravitating towards the click and drag app programs available online with a small monthly subscription fee but then I decided that it would be quite limited plus I still need a designer.. so on a whim I contacted someone that I got to know from youtube (yes youtube) and yeay.. the person agreed to illustrate then I sent a few random emails to developers requesting for a quote and the quote came from both spectrum.. in the end I went with what I think was reasonable and after few hiccups and my first app is finally live on iTunes :)

The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is called Adam Hawa. It is a bilingual (English and Malay) interactive storybook app that is designed for 3-5 years old. Below is just a quick snapshot of the app in iTunes. I am currently working on the marketing materials and approval by Apple before marketing this app better :) 

Please feel free to check out the app and share with your friends and families. If you like the app, please review the app on iTunes. I would really appreciate it. Thank you. 

islam stories for kids
Adam Hawa on iTunes

Below is a preview of the app in English:

and this one is in Malay: