Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Surau / /Prayer room at Grand Hyatt Singapore

Oh yes, you read that right, there is a prayer area at Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore.. problem is it is only for hotel's guests and patrons. That means if you are there for meetings, functions or just enjoying the food at Straits Kitchen. Cos if you are staying at the hotel then I would assume you would just go up to your room to pray. 

musolla orchard road
Musolla at Grand Hyatt Singapore

So, yup.. if you are just shopping at Orchard Road and you have to perform your prayers fast, you are better off heading to the opposite side Royal Plaza on Scotts as the surau there can be used by public (May Allah protect the Sultan of Brunei for His generosity) (The Surau at Royal Plaza on Scotts is near the restroom, take the steps up to the car park and before reaching the car park door, there will be the surau entrance on your right) 

hyatt surau
Surau at Grand Hyatt Singapore - Telekungs provided

If you are a guest/patron of Grand Hyatt, then to use the Surau (accessible from the car park area) you would need to approach Concierge or any staff I would think (I just approached a bell boy) and they will accompany you to the Surau and unlock it for you. A separate ablution area is also provided. 

surau di orchard road
The sign at the entrance of Hyatt's prayer room

I actually didn't want to blog about this since the use of the surau is restricted but since someone googled about it and landed on my blog, I feel compelled to write it down since I already have the information. Hope this lil info help you too.