Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jalan-jalan Singapore: Halal Food at Singapore Zoo

If you are thinking of visiting Singapore Zoo and are wondering whether halal food is available, wonder no more cos yes, there are halal food available at the Singapore Zoo. 

You have two options for halal food, one is the fast food chain "KFC" which stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken situated at the entrance of Singapore Zoo, the other is called Ah Meng Restaurant which serves local dishes in an air-conditioned food court inside the Singapore Zoo near Tram Station no 1. 

On one of our visits to Singapore Zoo, we swung by Ah Meng Restaurant for lunch and had these local dishes : Laksa Noodle and Mee Siam. The kids ate hot dogs, fried chicken, fries and coleslaw. 

The laksa noodle's broth was creamy and goes nicely with the soft white noodle. The fish cakes are also fresh, the prawns are the blanched type which I don't prefer but overall quite an ok dish.

halal food singapore zoo
Local food at Singapore Zoo: Laksa Noodle

The Mee Siam was very mild, maybe to cater to kids' tastebuds. Its basically vermicelli with a watery prawn gravy served with boiled eggs and fried tofu. Again, the blanched prawns didn't go down well with me. 

singapore zoo makanan halal
Halal food in Singapore Zoo : Mee Siam

The kids fried chicken, hot dogs and fries were forgettable. 

singapore zoo halal food
Halal Food at Singapore Zoo: Hot Dogs and Chicken

All in all it was a so-so lunch but still appreciated because if not we wouldn't have anything to eat :)