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Changi City Point - Water Play and Indoor Playground

changi city point
Changi City Point - Free Water Playground at Level 2

One fine Saturday, while waiting for my sister's return to Singapore, I decided to take my two small boys and my 6 year old nephew to check out Changi City Point's free water playground. With no prior experience of driving to Changi City Point and no idea where exactly the water playground is located, it was quite an impromptu thing. But, I was thinking, how hard could it be? Just drive to Singapore expo and the shopping centre should be around there somewhere. 

Sheesh.. apparently, Changi City Point is not accessible (as yet, I think they are opening the road) from the Singapore Expo Drive that leads to the expo car park. You either have to take the turn before or after the Singapore Expo Drive (i.e Somapah Rd or Xilin Drive) and make one big round drive to Changi South Avenue 1.  Best to google the picture of Changi City Point facade so that you have an idea which building it is since the signage is not very prominent.

singapore kids playground
Changi City Point - Water Play at the new expo shopping centre

Once you have identified the building and are proceeding to the car park, please note that the shopping centre's car park entrance is on the right, while the hotel / serviced suite's car park is on the left. Once in the carpark, if you -like me- decided to go away from the crowd and park on the higher levels, be warned that when you choose to park near a lift (but from the back of the lift not the front) , you will see a sign that says "this lift only serves the office tower" whereas at the front of the same lift another sign says "take lift to level BM (or something) to access the shopping mall" super irritating! I walked for quite a bit with three small boys in tow going from one lift to another because of this misleading sign.

changi city point indoor playground
Indoor Playground at Changi City Point "Petite Park" @ Level 2

Inside the shopping centre, I was trying to look for the water play area, I saw a few open air small fountain area at the basement but it was full of people, so I went to the directory but still I didn't see any information that indicates a water play area. I went up one level and saw some water fountains so I headed to the exit but all I saw was just fountains and some steel flamingos (if I remember correctly) exasperated I gave up and decided to head for the indoor playground instead (called The Petite Park) at level 2, hmmm.. level 2 seems like a "children-focused" so maybe the indoor playground is on the same level. I saw a sign that says "The Arena" and "The 3 House" and I said to myself this is it, I'll check these two out and if one of them doesn't turn out to be the water play area I am definitely storming the customer service. Jeez, why can't they have some icon next to the sign to indicate that this is a water playground? I mean "The 3 House" could be the name of a kids toys store or even a boutique for goodness sake!

indoor playground singapore
My coming to 3 years old @ Petite Park - Changi City Point  near Expo MRT indoor playground

For those wanting to check out the water playground at Changi City Point, take note that the water playground is at level 2, outside "Koufu Food Court" and is named "The 3 House".  All the trouble hauling the kids (with one sleeping on my shoulder) and my first born and nephew decided that they don't want to get wet and want to head to the indoor playground instead. Sheesh.. 

changi point shopping
at the pretend play area @ indoor playground at the new expo shopping mall "Changi City Point"

So we headed to Petite Park, which is very small but the kids managed to be entertained at the pretend play area for more than 1 hour. No lockers are provided, seating sections for adults are outside the indoor playground kind of like bar stools at the walkway of the mall, some limited magazines and no cafe facilities. No baby changing area too but Changi City Point's baby room is quite near. Wifi is available.

playground in singapore
The other side of Petite Park - quite small area 

changi point expo
At the end of Petite Park

Admission to Petite Park are as such:

Weekday:  $16 per unlimited playtime per visit
Weekend / PH : $18 for 2 hrs, $6/h thereafter
Value Pass: $84 for 6 visits (unlimited hours per visit, any day) 

* Accompanying adults enter for free except on Wkend/PH where only one adult enter free while additional adult is charged a $3 fee.
*Accompanying sibling under 9 mths enter free.

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri : 10.30am - 8.00pm
Weekends & PH : 10.30am - 9.00pm

Another reminder for those visiting Changi City Point - there is no DBS/POSB ATMs available at Changi City Point, only available ATM's are UOB and OCBC at the basement near the escalator. If you are going to use google maps for directions to go to Changi City Point, it is not on google maps yet, best to search for Singapore Expo MRT for nearby landmark.

baby room changi city point
Baby Room at Level 2 Changi City Point

changi point shopping
Baby room at Changi City Point

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