Friday, April 12, 2013

Malay Food - Sedap Corner at Bedok

*Dear Readers, sadly, Sedap Corner has closed down as announced by Chef Bob on his FB end of June 2014, it is dearly missed by our family and we wish Chef Bob all the best in his future endeavours. *

Sedap Corner is a familiar name for those in JB, its kind of like a food court.But it's branch in Singapore is synonym to the popular Chef Bob and is a small restaurant in the quiet corner of Bedok Road. We used to frequent here when it was fairly new since the food to us was great (the toasted bread with its variety of dips where super sinful), it was air-conditioned and the ambience is chill. We stopped for a while when the quality of the food dropped about a year or two back and then decided to give it a try again to see whether the standard has recovered or whether it was still bad. To our nice surprise, the food now tasted great again. (Although some dishes still taste a bit blah..)

Our must have appetizers at Bedok Corner are the Vietnamese Scallop Trellis (hubby's fave) Potato Prawns (mine!) and the toasted bread (both!) usually we would order other mains but this time around we were not really very hungry so we just ordered Ginger Kway Teow and Chicken Rice. Drinks were Iced Lemon Tea and Teh Tarik (what else?)

asian food singapore
Halal Singapore : Vietnamese Trellis @ Sedap Corner Bedok

Vietnamese Trellis is crispy with soft scallop fillings dipped in chilli-infused oil. Potato Prawns are simply prawns wrapped in potato strips and then fried in oil, dipped with thai chilli mixed with mayo! Yummy.. I get hungry just thinking about it :)

halal restaurants singapore
Halal Singapore: Potato Prawns @  Sedap Corner Bedok

The toasted bread sadly now no longer come in the original bread (err.. its been so long that I don't even remember how the original bread is like, but nowadays they use the normal bread that you can buy at the shop) and the dips.. sigh doesn't come in the fabulous variety like the last time.. but we still enjoy the crispy toast with the sweet dip though :)

kaya toast
Halal Singapore : Toasted Bread @ Sedap Corner Bedok

food in bedok
Halal Singapore : Kaya Toast @ Sedap Corner Bedok

Chicken Rice came with clear soup and a sambal paste.. this dish is just so-so for me.. maybe because the kids refused to eat and we asked to packed it and I only ate it when it was cold at home.

singapore local food
Halal Singapore : Chicken Rice @ Sedap Corner Bedok
I ordered Ginger Kway Teow because it has been ages since I last had one and the ones in Malaysia are usually fried kway teow with clams, I kind of like my Kway Teow Soupy with loads of beef slices. This dish hit just the right note here. Soupy, not too much ginger and the beef slices are tender. Nice!

best local food singapore
Halal Singapore : Ginger Kway Teow @ Sedap Corner Bedok

Teh Tarik is my must have at Sedap Corner its just so different from the mamak's teh tarik.. frothy with just strong enough flavour of tea without over powering milkiness. I love it!

local food singapore
Halal Singapore: Iced Lemon Tea and Teh Tarik @ Sedap Corner Bedok

We came out of Sedap Corner very full and happy, hopefully the standard won't slipped again so that we can continue to patronize it. Chef Bob must come and monitor frequently then the standard will be kept high.

The only gripe here is lack of parking space and lack of praying area though I heard that if you patronize Spize Restaurant (another popular eating place at Bedok Road) they have a prayer room at second floor. Ask the staff. 

Sedap Corner (Chef Bob) is at :

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