Friday, April 5, 2013

Pasir Ris Park Outdoor Playground Singapore

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Singapore Kids : Playing with the sand at Pasir Ris Park playground (bring your own sand toys) 

One fine day, my eldest son asked for the one thing that I thought he would never asked for "Mommy, I want to go to a sand playground, please." Hmm.. my sand-averse son asking for a sand playground? wonder of all wonders. Problem is I am pretty sure this is influenced by the kids club at Grand Hyatt Dubai that we stayed in during our vacation to Dubai last February. Unfortunately, such beautiful white sand is not available here in Singapore (except maybe in Sentosa - but who is driving there with two small kids all alone?) so, I bought for them some sand toys and brought them to -where else? - Pasir Ris Park playground.

outdoor playground singapore
Singapore Kids : Outdoor playground at Pasir Ris Park, thank goodness the weather was nice.

A quick check on Nparks website shows that Pasir Ris Park playground is being upgraded but another blog post states that not all of the playground is inaccessible, some areas are still open to public.

singapore kids
Singapore Kids' Playground@ Pasir Ris Park - Elias Road

pasir ris park
Singapore Kids' Playground : This one comes with a rubber mat much to the relief of my eldest son

First impression, my kids were quite happy walking from the car park to the playground, admiring the beautiful old trees with wide canopies and ferns growing on the barks, it helped that the weather was also nice that day with lots of clouds sheltering us from the otherwise scorching sun. Once they hit the sand at the playground though, my eldest son started to make noise.. "why are there ants here,mommy?" "why are there sticks and leaves on the sand?" "why are there insects?" My second son had no complaints though, he went right at the sand disregading the ants. If not for the sulking elder brother, he would have stayed a whole lot longer just digging happily. We had to move to another section with rubber mats for the elder one to start smiling. Sadly, the one with the big wooden bridge is being upgraded. And all too soon the rain started to pour. it's time to go then.

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Singapore Playgrounds for Kids: rock climbing for the lil ones and the traditional swing yeah!

singapore kids
Singapore Kids : A peaceful shady day @ Pasir Ris Park Beach :) I miss my Singapore!!

If you are trying to access Pasir Ris Park, its the Pasir Ris Town Park near Elias Mall (turn in Elias Rd from Pasir Ris Dr 3) Just follow the curve of the road till you hit the Pasir Ris Town Park sign and parking areas. If you are taking a bus, bus no 403 from Pasir Ris Interchange ply the route. Drinks kiosk and bicycle rental kiosk available.

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Another section of the Pasir Ris Playground, the one at the back is being upgraded.