Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nyonya Restaurant in KL - Bird @ Publika

(Bird at Publika is now closed)

When you are living in Sentul and you need a close by area that has a supermarket, a selection of food outlets and a free outdoor playground that is also not very crowded, I am sure the only place that fits the description at the moment is Publika at Solaris Dutamas. But of course grocery shopping at Publika's B.I.G is best kept at minimal due to its outrageous pricing. Plus the car park is a headache, I am still unsure of where to park to be near the place that I am heading to. 

On one of our dinner night out, we headed for Publika and chanced upon a Nyonya restaurant called "Bird". Since the last time that we ate Nyonya cuisine seems like eons ago, we decided to give it a shot. 

We ordered butter chicken, nyonya prawns and brinjals. Drinks were iced lemon tea, hot tea with milk and cendol. 
food blog kuala lumpur
Food in Kuala Lumpur : Butter Chicken at Bird

The butter chicken was tempura fried chicken fillet in sweet buttery sauce. Hubby liked it very much, buttery with a touch or curry leaves and not too overwhelming. 

restaurant in kl
Food in Kuala Lumpur : Nyonya Prawns at Bird

The nyonya prawn was not spicy with a hint of sourness and came with sliced brinjals, long beans and tomatoes. Nice!

malaysian food kuala lumpur
Food in Kuala Lumpur : Brinjals @ Bird

The brinjals was stir fried and just lightly flavoured. Firm and not soggy. 

Our kids didn't really like the iced lemon tea as it was too strong for their liking, while my hot tea with milk was too sweet for me. The cendol was nice though, a welcome relief when the weather gets very hot. 

local food malaysia
Food in Kuala Lumpur : Iced Lemon Tea and Cendol @ Bird

While hubby likes this nyonya restaurant quite well, I personally much prefer the kelantanese cuisine further up called "Wau Penyu" haha.. maybe my chinese blood doesn't run as strong as hubby's :p will we come again to "Bird"? yes I would think so..

tea with milk
Food in Kuala Lumpur : Hot Milk Tea @ Bird

Bird is on the stretch of restaurants facing the main road to Publika's entrance (facing a few landed houses) and nearer to the Kencana Petroleum end.  

For those who is still new to Publika, below is the map: 

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