Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Satay In Kuala Lumpur - Satay Station @ Mont Kiara

I was craving for some satay last week and was thinking where to get nice satay in Kuala Lumpur? I don't quite prefer the satay at Rasta TTDI and I also do not favor Satay Hj Samuri.. the closest satay to the ones in Singapore that I have tasted in Kuala Lumpur is by Satay Station.. but that was at one of the branches near to Sungai Chongkak.. which is quite far off..

We remembered having seen a deserted and dimly lit Satay Station at Mont Kiara (near Dominos) but never really tried it cos the setting just doesn't look "promising" but since we have tasted the satay at another branch before, we decided to give this one a try. 

local food kuala lumpur
Delicious Satay @ Satay Station Mont Kiara

The place is really basic and they only sell satay (by half dozen - lamb/chicken/beef) and mee rebus. That's it. Kind of lacking in choice.. but we were there for satay of course and the satay didn't disappoint. Juicy, tender and flavorful. Pricey though considering each stick only comes with 2 chunks of meat and a chunk of fat in between.. The ketupat (rice dumplings) are soft and goes well with the satay gravy, fresh crispy cucumber and sliced onion comes as accompaniment. The gravy with a thick layer of oil on top, was sweet, not too spicy and embellished with crunchy peanuts.. super sinful and fattening dinner!

what to eat in malaysia
Mee Rebus at Satay Station Mont Kiara

The mee rebus.. hmm.. it was spicy.. too spicy for my kid, it also has more bean sprouts than noodle (I do not favor bean sprout) maybe if you are used to this kind of mee rebus, you will like it, personally I find it too watery and just spicy and sweet. I prefer Mee Rebus Javanese Style. 

Our Iced Tea and Iced Milo

Drinks were -as usual- Iced Milo for my no 2, Iced Tea for my no 1 and teh tarik for me (and this time) hubby too.. nothing to comment except too sweet for our liking. 

Teh Tarik @ Satay Station

Our dinner of 1 dozen Beef Satay, half dozen Chicken Satay, 1 bowl of Mee Rebus and 4 drinks costed us RM80++ eeks!! So expensive!! That's why they can survive there even though the place is not jam-packed with customers.. I guess that's the price you have to pay for great satay in Kuala Lumpur..

Satay Station is at:

G-2B Mont Kiara Meridin (19 Jalan Duta Kiara)


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