Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Halal Food In Singapore - Habibie Restaurant @ Tampines

On the night before dearest sis' departure from Singapore, the family adjourn to mom's favorite halal seafood restaurant: Habibie Restaurant - a Muslim-owned seafood restaurant at Tampines Blk 829. Mom likes the Kway Teow Kerang here very much but on that night we decided to order seafood for lil sis. (Do note that the food is nicer here in the evenings as they have different cooks for morning and evening.

Dad took the liberty of ordering and we had Sweet and Sour Grouper, Butter Prawns, Hot Plate Tofu and Char Kway Sotong. Sis also ordered Chicken Rice, which was also nice but I didn't snap a picture of it.  

halal singapore
Halal Singapore: Habibie Restaurant's sweet and sour grouper

Sweet and Sour Grouper was crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and the flesh was very fresh. The sauce is also not too spicy with a hint of tomato. It costed us less than $30, very value for money, I would say. 

halal singapore
Halal Singapore: Habibie Restaurant's butter prawns

Prawns are my little nephew's favorite and the butter prawns at Habiebie restaurant suits his taste buds just well, the prawns are quite big, firm and peels off easily. The butter floss perfect and shiny.. yummy. the small platter wasn't enough for us all :)

food in tampines
Halal Singapore: Habibie Restaurant's Hot Plate Tofu 

Hot Plate Tofu is my favorite dish, soft squishy tofu with mixed vegetables and prawns with an egg broken on top a sizzling hot plate.. delish!

singapore halal food
Halal Singapore: Habibie Restaurant's Char Kway Sotong!

Char Kway Sotong is mum's side dish, the char kway is crispy and light with squid filling dipped in a sweet sauce or mayo... the picture is of our half eaten plate. 

It was a nice dinner, the place was comfortable and clean and the service friendly. I might come again next time with hubby to try the crabs :) 

Map of Habibie Restaurant:

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